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100% Pure Water

Our unique purification process is designed to provide you with refreshing and pristine water for every sip.

Water Purifiers

We have pioneered filtration technique that enables our hassle free easy-to-use Water Purifiers for our customers.

Products & Services

Our wide range products are designed to cater to your every need and our network provides round the clock services to all our customers.

Your Family Needs Pure water to stay healthy

We make sure every sip you take is 100% pure.


Three step processes ensures safe and healthy drinking water every time.

ALK (Alkaline)

Our technique maintains the alkaline balance in the water you drink.

TDS Control

Advanced particulate collection processes ensure retaining necessary minerals.

Domestic RO Water Purifiers with latest & advance Filtration Technology


Amritanjal Home Appliances, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a wast experience in water filtration technology.

Over the years we have cemented our place as a provider of robust, durable and high performing Water Purification techniques.

RO Filtration
RO+UF Filtration
RO+UF+UV : 100% Pure Water

Did you know that our body can survive for 3 weeks without food but even 3 days without water can cause death. Don’t you think that something so vital in our sustenance should be pure as Amrit? Introducing Amritanjal, a first of its kind Ro Water Purifier in Lucknow. Amritanjal is an ISO Certified Company which has years of experience coupled with expertise in Water distillation Technology.

Our exclusive filtration system subsides all the harmful bacteria also destroying any kind of Virus that other water purifiers fails to detect. It works as an all in one drinking water solution processed with RO + UV + UF along with a TDS meter to restore the significant minerals essential to your body along with avoiding water wastage.

Our purifier does it all without using any kind of toxins that might be used by other Purifiers to kill the germs. That is why we call it Amritanjal, as it makes drinking water authentic and pristine like derived from the Natural Resources before any kind of Pollution. Our RO water purifier system is now available in Lucknow, Varanasi, Azamgarh and New Delhi.

Compact Design

Optimized design to enable easier setup in all locations.

Advance Filtration

Latest in purification techniques to ensure quality and health.


Unbeatable Price

Quality health drink without the heavy wallet crunch.

Longer Service Life

Sturdy build quality without the need of weekly checkups.

Get the best Domestic Water Filters and Purifiers